Friday, September 17, 2010

Only the lonely

I am still feeling pretty happy. Just the old general content with life happy. Which is nice. I've missed it. I've missed me.

Tonight, the kids and I went out to dinner with friends. Friends that Bry and I considered to be like family. I had fun, the kids had fun, and I know Bry would have had fun (which made the night a little hard). I missed Bryan. But, I still laughed.

And then we came home. I got the kids to bed pretty easily. And now, I'm sitting here wasting time before bed. I miss having someone to talk to at night. Someone to laugh about the lack of tater tots at the restaurant. Or to talk about the movie we all plan on seeing together.

But most of all, I miss having someone to curl up next to. Someone to put their arms around me. Someone to make me feel safe and secure. Which makes me feel lonely. And lonely is well, pretty lonely.

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