Monday, March 22, 2010

should have been ...

the guy who didn't care about his wife. Who cheats, beats, or is just plain old mean. NOT someone who would call his wife just to say he loved her, who brought his wife coffee every morning, who provided so well for his family, spiritually, emotionally, monetarily.

the dead beat dad, who walked away from his family. Not a father who sang every night to his children, who hugged and kissed them every chance he got, who never missed a chance to say how proud he was of them.

the man who never made anything of himself. Who blamed others for everything and anything. NOT someone who took responsibility, who tried daily to better himself.

me. Bryan was the better parent. The nicer person (always willing to see other people's side of a story). A more supportive partner. Better prepared to handle this.

It should have been anyone else. NOT Bryan.

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